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Advocacy International is a consulting company, based in London. We work with clients to achieve their public interest and social responsibility goals, through advocacy, design, web, policy development and communication.


Ai, now dissolved, was set up by Ann Pettifor and Janet Bush in 2004, in particular to defend the interests – through effective advocacy – of sovereign debtor governments. We felt that these governments were not making a sound case where it mattered: in rich, creditor countries.

Our first client was the Nigerian Finance Ministry, brilliantly led by Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. We helped Nigeria’s Debt Management Office develop advocacy strategies in Europe and Asia. With our support, $30 billion of Nigeria’s debt was cleared and $18 billion was cancelled at the Paris Club in 2005. (See Mrs Okonjo Iweala’s testimonial here.)

Since then we have worked for a broad range of clients including local authorities, trades unions, governments, NGOs and charities. Their concerns are wide-ranging: AIDS, maternal survival; enhancing local government; the financial crisis; employment; public services; climate change; energy security – as well as sovereign debt.

But Ai’s ethos remained the same: to use our advocacy, design, communications, production, policy skills and experience to advance our clients’ goals, and through them, promote social and environmental justice.

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