April 10th 2014

Interview with Efua Dorkenoo leader of ‘End FGM Social Change Campaign’.

Ai is a proud member of the ‘End FGM Social Change Campaign’, led by Efua Dorkenoo in partnership with Options Health Consultancy and DfID. Ai will assist in driving forward the campaign working closely with the wider team on design and messaging across the programme.

More than 125 million girls and women have undergone Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) worldwide and 30 million are at risk in the next decade. The ‘End FGM Social Change Campaign’ is one of the first interventions to focus on stopping the practise.


Efua Dorkenoo, program director at the End FGM Social Change Campaign speaks at a TED event in December 2013. Dorkenoo has been fighting against female genital mutilation since the 1980s. Photo by: Upi Sandhu / TEDxUCL / CC BY-NC-ND

“Unlike other campaigns of similar magnitude, FGM prevention has not received massive investments from the international community,” Efua Dorkenoo said in an exclusive interview with Devex.

Read the full interview here


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