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January 31st 2010

The crisis – time to defend Europe’s local governments

Last Thursday I was back in Brussels, invited by the European Parliament’s special committee on the financial, economic and social crisis. My mission – to highlight the really serious financial problems now facing Europe’s local and regional governments, just as growing un-(and under) employment make their public services ever more essential.

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October 1st 2009

Viva Mama

Midwife gives antenatal care to an expectant mother.Midwife gives antenatal care to an expectant mother.

First published in the Huffington Post, September 22nd 2009

President Clinton was on Larry King the other night, reminding us with typical directness that people die simply because they can’t get medicine. This is particularly true for poor women and their newborn babies.

Women – mothers – are still dying in pregnancy and childbirth, all over the world, for want of cheap, standard medicines that we take for granted.

But today a new article is published in The Lancet that could transform the attitudes of donors and decision makers and potentially save millions of women’s lives. Continue Reading

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