November 26th 2014

African Union launches ground breaking data site – African Health Stats

Advocacy International is proud to announce the launch of African Health Stats, a ground-breaking data site from the African Union built in partnership with Advocacy International, African Strategies for Heath, AUSAID, USAID, MamaYe, MSH, UKAID and UNFPA. 



After a year of planning, design, data collection, verification, testing and translation African Health Stats has today been launched by Dr Kaloko, Commissioner for the Department of Social Affairs, and his colleague Dr Oliwale, Director for Social Affairs at the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The website, which was designed and built by the AI team, is innovative in its approach to conceptualising complex health information. It provides reliable and verified data on the progress made by African Union member states towards their Maputo Plan of Action and Abuja Call commitments.



The site has been created entirely with the user experience in mind, and every effort has been made to build a website that is not only informative but beautiful. African Health Stats is the first website of its kind to track progress on Maputo and Abuja commitments across the African continent and present that information is a visually accessible and appealing way.

African Health Stats has been built for use across Africa and the bilingual functionality of the site reflects that, all data, text and charts are available in French as well as in English.

africanhealthstats (2)



African Health Stats hosts 33 indicators showing data on Reproductive Maternal Neonatal and Child Health, HIV and AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, and Health Financing. There are plans to incorporate additional indicators in the next phase of site development.

One of the key features of African Health Stats is that it allows users to easily compare these 33 indicators within and between countries. The site encourages users to chart, map and visualise data in various formats, and makes clear the complex processes by which these data are collected and why they matter. The site has an open-source policy and all charts are free to download, use and reproduce by any user.

africanhealthstats (4)


Advocacy International would like to congratulate the African Union’s CARMMA campaign for the creation of this transparent data platform, one that will motivate, inspire and support policy makers in sharing best practises in addressing health challenges across the continent.

AI would also like to congratulate all of the partners who have contributed to the development of African Health Stats and all of those who have helped to make this vision a reality behind the scenes.

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